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Jetbeam RRT2 Torch | 950 Lumen

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Includes Tactical Clip + Holster

EXCLUDING Battery – Sold Separately

EXCLUDING Charger – Sold Separately

Max Output: 950LM
Max Beam Distance: 230m
Max Beam Intensity: 13800cd
Max Run Time: 100h
Reflector: SMO
Battery: 1*18650;2*CR123A
Special Modes: Strobe
Length: 143mm
Head Size: 33.5m
Weight: 134.3g(Exclude Battery)
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Jet-RRT2 Tactical Flashlight
Longer and Stronger

The JETBeam RRT2 is bigger and better than ever. Measuring in at an impressive 5.62″ in
length it is the perfect fit for a handheld flashlight. Even with the little bit of extra length, the
RRT2 is still compact enough to comfortably fit into your pocket or attach to your belt. This
size is just right for travel and tactical use. It comes with a stainless steel attachable clip that
adds to its “transportability”. With the pocket clip, you can slide it into your pocket, attach it to
your belt, or even to a bag – and know that your light is safe and secure everywhere you go.
Unbelievable Versatility

The RRT2 is an extremely versatile tactical flashlight. It runs on either 1 x 18650 or 2 x
CR123A batteries. Output and run times may slightly vary between the two types of batteries,
but it is still extremely reliable with both types of batteries. As a tactical user, you never know
what situation you will find yourself in and having the option to use different types of batteries
can help keep your mind at ease. Additionally, the RRT2 tactical pocket clip comes with a
lanyard attachment. With this feature, you can easily throw your light on a lanyard and be able
to travel with two free hands.

JETBeam also perfected the 360° Tactical Tailcap Switch. The switch can be used at any
angle but when the light is on, and you press the switch at an angle, you can set your output
mode cycles. Once you finished selecting the output cycles it will remember it for the next time
you use your light.
Flashlight Protection

The Jet RRT2 has created protection features for the user and the flashlight! As a user, if you
are ever in danger there is a straight to strobe feature! When your light is off all you must do is
press the tailcap in any side angle and it will activate the strobe output. The strobe output is
designed to stun an aggressor that is coming at you. It is one of the best defence tactics you
can use in a stressful situation.

Furthermore, the light comes with a protection circuit to save itself. The built-in power
management circuit allows the maximum amount of runtime for your light, as well as it protects
the LED and the battery to help them reach their maximum lifespan. It helps prevent
shortages, overcharging, and other damaging aspects that might ruin the light. Stronger,
longer, and smarter – the RRT2 is a great flashlight to own.

· Tactical Clip
· Holster

· 360° Tactical Tailcap Switch
· Anti-roll body design
· Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

· LED: SST40 N4 BC
· Power Source: 1 x 18650 or 2 x CR123A
· Peak Beam Distance: 230 meters (754.59 ft.)
· Peak Beam Intensity: 13800 cd
· Brightness Outputs (Using 1 x 18650):
o High 950 Lumens – 1.5 Hours
o Medium 180 Lumens – 6.5 Hours
o Low 0.6 Lumens – 100 Hours
o Special Output (Strobe) 950 Lumens – 3 Hours
· Brightness Outputs (Using 2 x CR123A):
o High 950 Lumens – 1 Hour
o Medium 210 Lumens – 5 Hours
o Low 20 Lumens – 50 Hours
o Special Output (Strobe) 950 Lumens – 2 Hours
· IPX Rating: IPX-8
· Impact Resistance: 1 meter (3.28 ft.)
· Dimensions:
o Length – 5.62″ (143 mm)
o Head Diameter – 1.32″ (33.5 mm)
· Weight (Excluding Batteries): 134.3oz. (3807.34 g)

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