KanuLock Tie Down Straps


Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns Includes

  • 2 x straps
  • 2 x keys
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Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns are so simple to use – they work exactly the same way as a regular

Set of tiedowns, with the added benefits of being able to lock with a key and are also reinforced with Stainless Steel cables.


  • Simply to use Tiedowns
  • 2 x Braided Stainless steel cable reinforced straps
  • Cannot be cut by knife
  • Prevents opportunistic theft
  • Silicone protective/non slip covers
  • Key replacement available

Kanulock is useful for a variety of situations including:

  •  Sports Equipment on the roof of a car
  • Work tools on the back of a bakkie
  • Protects bicycles, kayaks, canoes, surfboards, jerry cans, spare wheels, tents, camping equipment.
  • Also protects ladders, tools, deliveries.
  • Key lockable buckles act as a visual preventative measure.
  • Protects items at their most vulnerable, whilst on the move.
  • Provide peace of mind whilst unattended.

How Do They Work?

The Kanulock Lockable Tiedowns are extremely simple, they work exactly the same way as a regular set of tiedowns, however they can be locked with a key and are reinforced with Stainless Steel cables.


4 Easy steps to using Tiedowns:

Step 1

Tension Strap

Step 2

Lift Clasp Firmly lift clasp, while releasing hand from strap.

Step 3

Turn Key Firmly lift clasp until key turns easily.

Step 4

Tie Off End Tie off and secure loose end of strap to roofrack.

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