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Swarovski EL Rangefinder RTA (Range with Tracking assist)



Swarovski Optik EL Rangefinder RTA (Range with Tracking assist)

Precise measurements with Tracking Assistant. Transfer your personal ballistics data directly via the app
The EL range is the latest demonstration of the innovativeness that lies at the heart of Swarovski Optik. it combines Swarovision technology with precise range measurement.


The binoculars combine state-of-the-art optics with precise measuring functions.
The integrated tilt indicator with a unique angle shot program displays either the adjusted shooting distance or the angle. The EL range gives you precise measurements from a distance of 10 meters (10.9 yards).

Personalized ballistics

Use the smartphone app to configure the binoculars to your specific needs and individual ballistics data. Based on this and atmospheric data such as air pressure and temperature, it helps you to shoot with even greater precision because, along with the adjusted shooting distance, it also gives you the number of clicks needed for your rifle scope.

Tracking Assistant

The integrated Tracking Assistant makes it much easier to track your prey by guiding you to where you fired your last shot. You can opt to use this program via your phone or your EL Range

EL Range with Tracking Assistant

The EL Range can be configured to suit your specific needs and you can transfer your own ballistics data, allowing you to make an accurate assessment of every hunting situation.
In every hunting scenario, you can spot the game quickly and accurately thanks to the precision and edge-to-edge sharpness of swarovision technology.
The innovative tracking assistant helps you to narrow down the area where your last shot hit the target.

Configurator app

It’s easy to customize your EL Range with Tracking Assistant. Transfer your personal ballistics data directly via the app, and you can even use it on your smartphone.


10 x Magnification
42 mm Effective objective lens diameter
4.2 mm Exit pupil diameter
19 mm Exit pupil distance
359 ft/1000 yds Field of view at m/1,000 m / ft/1,000 yds
6.8 Field of view degrees
6.8 Field of view with eyeglasses (degrees)
61 Field of view apparent
16.4 ft Shortest focusing distance
± 5 DPT Diopter adjustment
90 per cent Light transmission
2.2-2.9 in Pupil distance
20.5Twilight factor acc. to DIN-58388

Size and Weight

6.6 in Length in mm.
5.3 in Width in mm.
3.1 in Height in mm.
32.6 oz Weight without batteries

Environment conditions

13 to +131 / +14 to +131 F functional-temperature-mechanically-electronically


10 – 2200 yd Measuring range in yds./ m.
1 yd Measuring accuracy in yds./ m.
0.5 s Measuring time
90 Angular measurement
Class 1 EN/ FDA Laser
Yard / Meter Units
2,000 measurements Life cycle




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