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The Rinkhals Boot- Hunters & Farmers Favourite


The Rinkhals boot is as tough as you get and designed to be the greatest outdoor boot on the market. A hunters favourite!!

Designed to take on your daily outdoor and work challenges. This work-horse boot can tackle the harsh African terrain.

The double layer of leather combined with a crepe sole for silent walking is our secrete to success.

With over 25 years of experience, it is the preferred choice of South African hunters, safari lodges and outdoor enthusiast.

Famous for its never say die attitude and respected for its superior comfort and durability. No other boot is more versatile, from hunting on mountains to hiking in the outdoors, the Rinkhals boot is ready for any challenge.

Mile after mile, year after year, the Rinkhals boot will become an old friend that you can always count on.

The leather footbeds gives you maximum comfort. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to comfort.

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  • Manufactured with a double layer of leather (2.2mm full grain leather, lined with 1.6mm calf leather)
  • Double layer of leather aids in the boots water resistant properties
  • Ankle padding for excellent support, comfort, and protection
  • Thermoplastic toe puff and a heel stiffener for extra support
  • A steel shank between the insole board and sole offers extra support and stability
  • Insole board is secured to the upper with a double stitched 2.2mm braided nylon cord
  • Sole is made from a genuine crepe for silent walking and comfort
  • Can be resoled


Product care

The best way to preserve your Rinkhals boot is through regular polishing. Water, heat, and wear can remove the natural oil from the leather. We recommend that you use any natural shoe polish found at your local store.

After a long day in wet conditions and you requiring your boots early the next morning, the worst possible solution is to artificially dry your boots. Leather fibres burn easily – especially when wet and therefore should never be left near a heater, placed in your oven, or left in direct sunlight. For the best results, footwear should be dried out slowly and never subjected to any extreme heat. Should you work in constantly wet conditions, it is best to alternate between two or more pairs of our boots.

Delivery, Returns and exchanges

Our online store comes with free delivery in South Africa. We offer fast couriers directly to your door.

We then offer free exchanges and returns if you are not satisfied with the product or fit. We will happily exchange, or refund. Provided the item may be returned to stock.

Below is the Size chart.

  • Foot Length 21.5cm         UK3        US4
  • Foot Length 22.5cm         UK4        US5
  • Foot Length 23.5cm         UK5        US6
  • Foot Length 24.5cm         UK6        US7
  • Foot Length 25cm            UK7        US8
  • Foot Length 26cm            UK8        US9
  • Foot Length 27cm            UK9        US10
  • Foot Length 28cm            UK10     US11
  • Foot Length 29cm            UK11     US12
  • Foot Length 30cm            UK12     US13
  • Foot Length 31cm            UK13     US14
  • Foot Length 32cm            UK14     US15
  • Foot Length 33cm            UK15     US16

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